Nectar of the Giraffe Gods


The nectar of the Giraffe Gods is a highly prized juice that oozes out of bottles and cans only on certain days. Fiercely sought after by men (and women), this nectar is so potent, only the strongest can conquer the beast that it brings forth:


For the neophytes who dare challenge the beast, it takes them down, an initiation of sorts which is the first step to mastery….


And once initiated, the Giraffe Gods take them into the fold, train them and make them stronger and soon they shall earn their own patch and join the other Giraffe Gods in all their glory.



#Throwback on a Monday

Beer Friday + Casualties

Beer Fridays are the happiest at CR8V. This is where we get to know the new ones, to test their alcohol limits and to see what their tolerance for the “bullying”. Beer Fridays are also where the initiation happens….

2013-06-22 00.01.28

Date: June 22, 2013
Casualty #1: Jessie ni Che

2013-06-22 00.37.57

He had so much fun and decided to become a Mummy

Date: June 22, 2013
Casualty #2: CR8V wall

2013-06-22 00.50.22

The wall decided to remind Clev of “he-who-must-not-be-named” and was the receiving end of pent up emotions.

“There can only be one”


“There can only be one”


This was coined by Squid, our respectable gay colleague. Anyone gay pretending to be straight and miserably covering it up by telling everyone he is going on a date with a “GIRL” (emphasis not needed if you are straight by the way) seems to either get fired or resign and leave. So to anyone attempting to breach the Queen’s kingdom – you are going to have a hard time.